Saturday, January 26, 2008

One Day

  1. Awakened by a sweet little four-year old asking for a banana and an episode of "Little Einsteins"
  2. Got up, made coffee for me; made scrambled eggs, biscuits, and bacon for The Wife and Things 1 and 2 (no solid food for me yet, since I'm recovering from Round 3 of Oral Surgery Hell)
  3. Took Thing 1 to his trumpet lesson, with Thing 2 in tow, to let The Wife get some rest
  4. Took the boys to a nearby park to fly kites, ride bikes, and swing on the swings
  5. Lunch at Coco's, my boys' all-time favorite place (for reasons that elude me)
  6. Took the boys to a nursery to buy a tree for Thing 1, who wanted to plant one in honor of Tu B'Shevat, and a flowering plant for Thing 2, who just wanted something of his own to plant.
  7. Naptime (whew)
  8. Planted trees and flowers with the boys
  9. Set up the garage so the boys could cut up old cardboard boxes and make spaceships
  10. Watched half an hour of an old Steve McQueen movie with the wife
  11. Dinner, courtesy of my mother-in-law
  12. Gave the boys a bath, read them stories, sang them songs, put them to bed
  13. Crappy TV with The Wife, and a little ice cream to soothe my sore gums

Repeat as necessary.

1 comment:

Heather said...

Lovely, lovely day. I can only imagine H's version of this break. Ahhhhh....