Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yes, Glenn Beck is a simpering idiot.


However, this organization he's trying to tout, between tears, is interesting. Anyway, the website is. I don't say "interesting" as in "perfect" or even "something you should join." Just "interesting."

Why do I find it interesting? Because, coming from Crybaby Beck, the whole thing will immediately be dismissed by the Left. And yet, if you look at the 9 principles and 12 values, would Democrats really object to most of them? I mean, the whole thing is shrill and jingoistic and weirdly nostalgic for the aftermath of a hideous disaster, but the basic ideas listed are...well...pretty basic ideas for us, in this country.

I take exception only to Principles #1 and 2.

Interestingly, #1, that America is Good, doesn't fit in with the rest of the list. First of all, it's not a principle; it's just a platitude. Second, it's the only thing on the list not accompanied by a pithy quote from one of the Founders. That, alone, should have set off some alarm bells. Personally, I do not accept knee-jerk self-congratulation as an important principle, for myself or for my country. I know Beck needed nine thingies on his list, but surely he could have come up with something else--something that could have been supported by one of our Glorious Founders. I'd even be happy with something about how we try to be good--that it matters to us to try to be good, and how, even though we sometimes fail, we have (so far) been able to correct our course and push on in the direction of living our principles better than before.

#2 is the usual God stuff. I know it's important to most Americans. I just wish we'd all shut up about it, because it's not important to everybody--and even the believers can't agree on what, exactly, they believe. Couldn't we come up with some language about reliance on a power greater than ourselves (interpret that how you will), and leave it at that?

Then there's that thing about you and your spouse being the ultimate authority. Man, if only the right really believed that. Just think of all the abortion rights and Terry Schiavo-ish crap we'd be able to do away with.

World's Worst Airport

I have nothing even remotely interesting to say, and haven't had for weeks now.

So watch this, instead. It is funny.

Prague's Franz Kafka International Named World's Most Alienating Airport

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quick Question

...for the guy in the white pickup truck heading East on River Road this morning--the guy with the super-big clown tires that jacked up the entire vehicle, the naked-woman silhouettes on the mudflaps, and the vanity plates rooting inanely for the local college team--the guy who blasted his crappy music at everyone, weaved in and out of traffic in order to get...wherever...faster than the rest of us, and tossed his half-full Big Gulp cup out the window at the rest of the world--a world which didn't seem to exist or matter much to Himself:

Could you possibly be more of an asshole?

Just checking.