Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do Your Planet a Favor and Die

Here's a happy little website from Australia, created to help kids figure out their contribution to planetary filth. Answer a few simple questions and find out how enormous a planetary pig you are...and when you should die (in order to keep pollution, usage, and filth levels at the average). The final step, when you get your death calculation, is marked with a skull-and-crossbones, and animated with a bloody, exploding pig.

Fun for the whole family!!

I'm sorry--I can't get behind an environmental movement that advances human death as a solution to pollution or global warming--even as a joke. Especially when the message is intended for children. I guess I'm just not willing or able to anthropomorphize Mother Earth to the extent that I care more about Her than my fellow humans. How about a website that helps kids use their life to make the earth a better place

Guess that makes me a Bad Person. But I'll live with it...until, you know, my bloody pig guts explode.

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