Monday, October 15, 2007

The Resurrection of Skinky

Yeah, look closely--he's there in the cage (first picture), and Thing 1's hands in the second. I guess he was hiding deep in his substrate somewhere, perhaps under the big wood chips, all this time. I don't know. When had didn't emerge or eat his food for 24 hours, I felt around and then put a plastic spatula in there to move things around, and I felt nothing. And the whole rest of the week, he didn't come out. So I'm to blame, but I remain confused.

Meanwhile, I owe Thing 2 a new hat.

This does, however, raise a creepy point: the babysitter got Thing 2 to confess to something he didn't do...and to believe, thereafter, that he had really done it.

One must be very careful with small things...people and lizards.

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