Thursday, September 27, 2007

Philosopher King

My hero, Vaclav Havel (, if you don't know who he is), has a new book of political musings out, which may be why he's in today's New York Times with an op-ed. Here's a brief taste:

Whenever I reflect on the problems of today’s world, whether they concern the economy, society, culture, security, ecology or civilization in general, I always end up confronting the moral question: what action is responsible or acceptable? The moral order, our conscience and human rights — these are the most important issues at the beginning of the third millennium.
We must return again and again to the roots of human existence and consider our prospects in centuries to come. We must analyze everything open-mindedly, soberly, unideologically and unobsessively, and project our knowledge into practical policies.

Go read the whole thing. It may be the only rational, thoughtful perspective on national and global affairs you get from a politician this year.

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