Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Hate US Airways II

UPDATE: So the Podium Woman stomped back to our gate and informed us that the plane coming in, was, in fact, the size that had originally been booked. However, that size plane was too big for the gate we were at, which was, by the way, the second gate to which we had been sent. So we were sent packing down the hall to another gate.

Now, you might be asking, as I was, what exactly they were expecting before they made that plane-size announcement. Clearly they already knew, or thought they knew, that the plane was too small for the number of passengers booked, long before they told us. If they hadn't, they wouldn't have scheduled that plane for that gate, which could only accommodate smaller planes. So they knew, and they deliberately did not tell us for some 45-50 minutes, for some nefarious reason. To avoid ticket-changes? To avoid a stampede? I have no idea.

The delay currently stands at two hours. That means the delay out of Phoenix is now longer than the whole, entire flight to Fresno--both legs of it combined.

I was promised a jet-pack. When I was a kid, I was assured that in The Future, everyone would have jet backpacks that could zip them wherever they wanted to go.


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